Rural Sociology and Extension

Philosophy and Objective of the Programme

The philosophy of the University is ‘to contribute to national greatness which is predicated on self –sufficiency in food an fibre production through teaching, research training and extension.  

The University therefore has a commitment to produce educated farmers, conduct multi-disciplinary and relevant research, and systematically propagate new and improved agricultural technologies in order to boost food production in Nigeria.  Derived from this, the objectives of this department include:

Imparting training in Extension education and rural sociology leading to B.Agric. PGD, M.Sc and Ph.D degrees.  Promoting teaching, research and extension of agricultural knowledge in order to improve the skills and professional competence of personnel in the Unified Agricultural Extension System.

Offering, as a form of public service, the result of research in agriculture and related disciplines

Establishing linkages in order to foster collaboration and integration of training, research and extension activities.

Providing consultancy in the areas of extension education and rural development  

Participating in the implementation of the Research-Extension-Farmer-Input-Linkage System (REFILS) activities in the country.