Welcome Message

Prof. M. E. Njoku (Dean, CAERSE)

You are welcome to the College with confident lecturers, researchers and administrators. You are in the college others desire to relate with. While in this College, you are assured of proper synergy with all cadre of staff to deliver the best quality services to you. We promise to listen to your concerns and respond as quickly as possible.

Welcome to the research mill of the University.


The College concentrates on teaching and research in economic/ business management, developmental phases of agriculture and agro-allied industries as well as serves as the focal point of the University’s effort in the general areas of extension.  It has the following departments:

       i)    Agricultural Economics

       ii)   Agricultural Extension and Rural Development

      iii)   Agribusiness Management

All the degree courses have high records of achievement measured in terms of demand for our graduates in the industries and request for enrollment into various Agricultural programmes.