NWACHUKWU, Mark Ikechukwu (Ph.D)




P.O. Box 700, Umuahia Abia State, Nigeria

Email: nwachukwu.ike@mouau.edu.ng



Department of Agricultural Extension and Rural Sociology
Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike. PMB 7267, Umuahia Abia State, Nigeria.

current post



personal information


Local Government & State of Origin:        Umuahia South LGA, Abia State

Gender & Marital Status:                               Male, Married

Nationality:                                                         Nigerian

institutions attended with dates







School Certificate                            


Ibadan Grammar School, Ibadan


Higher School Cert. (HSC)


Federal Govt. College, Ogbomoso.


B.Sc Social Sciences                       


University of Lagos, Lagos (Mass Communication & Sociology 2/2)


M.Sc (Agricultural Communication)                       


ObafemiAwolowo University, Ile-Ife


Ph.D (Agricultural Extension and Rural Sociology


ObafemiAwolowo University, Ile-Ife







Certificate, Comm. Training Skill


Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria


Certificate, Effective Public Relations


Minna, Nigeria


Certificate, Scientific Writing                        


WARDA,Cotonou, Benin Republic                                                                                


Certificate, Writing and Production of Extension materials


WARDA, University of Cape Coast, Ghana














Advertisement Executive


Hobsy Media Agency, Kano


Research Assistant


Agric. Extension Dept. ObafemiAwolowo University, Ile-Ife


Research Officer I                          


National Cereals Research Inst. Badeggi


Senior Research Officer                 


National Cereals Research Inst. Badeggi


Principal Research Officer             


National Cereals Research Inst. Badeggi


Assistant Chief Research Officer


National Cereals Research Inst. Badeggi


Senior Lecturer                           


Michael Okpara Univ. of Agric., Umudike


Associate Professor                         


Michael Okpara Univ. of Agric., Umudike


Research Fellow(Sabbatical)


University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK




Michael Okpara Univ. of Agric., Umudike


Research Advisor


Shell Petroleum Development Company, Port Harcourt (Sabbatical)


work Experience


Agricultural and Rural Development  Research

For about two decades, I have been actively involved in independent and collaborative research projects in the areas of agriculture and rural development. In this regard, I have successfully designed and supervised twenty-four Doctoral theses and many Master’s projects


Since 2001, I have been teaching Agricultural Extension and Rural Development Courses in the University, especially at the Post Graduate level.


As an Extension specialist, I have been involved in training programmes organized by my Institution and other organizations.  My involvement in trainings has been both as a planner (as in developing and executing proposals) and as a resource person.

Editing and Publishing

With my training in Scientific writing and editing, I have edited and published many journals, books and extension guides. These are listed in this CV.

Consultancy services

I have rendered consultancy services to different organizations as can be seen from the listed reports

consultancies undertaken


1.      Abia State Consultant on World Food Day,  2003

2.      Abia State Consultant on Cassava Transformation Agenda, 2013

3.      United Nations Population Funds (UNFPA) Consultant on Traditional Communication and Communication patterns in Abia State, 2008.

4.      UNICEF’s A-fields, Enugu. Consultant on the Effectiveness of UNICEF’s communication on safe excreta disposal and hand washing in Imo State, Nigeria, 2008.

5.      United Nations Millennium Villages Consultant on the Review of the Millennium Villages, 2010- 2011

6.      National Root Crops Research Institute, Umudike Consultant on Extension Research and Annual Research Report writing, 2011-till date.

7.      Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Consultant on Gender responsive cassava breeding project, 2013.

8.      Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) Consultant on GMOU evaluation, 2013-till date

9.      Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) Consultant on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) 2014.

10.  International Energy Services Lmt. Consultant on social impact assessment of Afam Oil and Gas Facilities. Oct. 2015

11.  International Energy Services Lmt. Consultant on social impact assessment of Adibawa Oil and Gas Facilities. Mar. 2016.

12.  Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Consultant on the establishment of One-Stop Agricultural Extension Service Delivery Centre (Cross River State) March, 2017,

13.  Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Consultant on Training the Trainer on N-Power programme for Extension agents. May, 2017



1.      ObafemiAwolowo University, Ile Ife

2.      University of Uyo, Uyo

3.      University of Nigeria, Nsukka

4.      University of Agriculture, Makurdi

5.      University of Port Harcourt

6.      Enugu State University of Science and Technology

7.      Ekiti State University

8.      Delta State University, Abraka



1.      Research Fellow, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom. 2005-2006 (Sabbatical leave)

2.      Research Advisor, Shell Petroleum Development Company, Port Harcourt. 2012-2013(Sabbatical Leave)



1.      International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) Study on technology transfer, 1985- N10,0000

2.      National Agricultural Research Project(World Bank Project) for my Ph.D study, 1997 (N1,000,000)

3.      Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Research Grant on Bird Flu disease and control methods, 2007.

4.      Tertiary Education Trust Fund(TETFUND) on book publishing. 2014. N1,180,000

administrative experience


1.      Head of Department, Rural Sociology and Extension                         2001 – 2005

2.      Deputy Dean, Students Affairs                                                            2007

3.      Ag Dean, Students Affairs                                                                    2007-2008

4.      Director, MOUAU Extension Centre                                                     2007-2012

5.      Director, MOUAU Extension Centre                                                     2017- date

national service


1.      Member, Agricultural Extension Transformation Agenda,

Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Abuja                                                      2011—2015

2.      Member, Abia State Cassava Transformation Agenda                  2011—2015

committees, panel, team membership



1.      Member, University Senate                                                                                  2001 – date

2.      Member, Senate Business Committee                                                               2001 – 2005

3.      Member, University Library Committee                                                               2001 -2005

4.      Member, University Post Graduate School Board                                              2001 – 2005

5.      Chairman, Exam Malpractice Committee                                                            2004-2005

6.      Member, Investigative Panel on Cult Activities                                                     2002

7.      Member, Senate Search Party Committee for a new

Vice Chancellor                                                                                                              2007

8.      Chairman, LOC, Agricultural Extension Society of Nigeria.

13th Annual Conference                                                                                                 2008

9.      Member, Senate Search Party Committee for a new

Vice Chancellor                                                                                                              2010

10.  Senate Representative on the interview panel for the

appointmentof the University Librarian                                                                          2010

11.  Member, Board of MOUAU Veterinary Teaching Hospital                                       2014

12.  Chairman, Senate Committee on Examination Malpractice                                  2016-date

13.  Member, Governing Council of Michael Okpara University

of Agriculture, Umudike                                                                                                 2017- 2021


In NCRI (National Cereals Research Institute, Badeggi)

1.      Secretary, Editorial Board, NCRI,                                                                      1989 -1993.

2.      Secretary, Investigation Panel on the NCRI

Fadama Fire Incident                                                                                                  April, 1990

3.      Information Officer Senior Staff Association

Executive Committee                                                                                                1989 – 1994.

4.      Member, NCRI Sports Team to 1990 RIGAN

Games in Kaduna                                                                                                      22-28 April, 1990

5.      Member, NCRI 50 Million Endowment Fund Planning

Committee (Secretary Foundation Laying Sub-Committee)                                   1990

6.      Member, LOC, CRET Conference                                                                 1991

7.      Member, LOC, Agric. Society of Nigeria, National

Conference                                                                                                              1991

8.      Member, LOC, North Central Training Workshop organized

by NAERLS/NCRI                                                                                                    24-28 Jan. 1992.

9.      Secretary, Planning Committee, EEC/IITA.  Rice

Processing Workshop, NCRI                                                                                 20-25 Jan. 1992.

10.  Chairman, LOC, Rice processing in Nigeria Workshop

held in Minna, Niger State.                                                                                     1st Sept, 1992.

11.  Chairman Publicity Committee, LOC 1996 Annual

Conference of the Nigerian Soybean Association.                                               1996

12.  Chairman, Publicity Committee, LOC 1996 Annual

Conference of the Weed Science Society of Nigeria.                                         1996

13.  Member, NCRI Sports Team to 1997 RIGAN Games.                                 1997

14.  Member, NCRI Sports Team to 1999 RIGAN Games.                                 1999

research theses produced as major supervisor



1.      Ekwe K. C. (2004) Factors associated with Garri Processing Technology in  the south east, Nigeria

2.      Okon D (2005) Evaluation of Information and Communication Technology use among extension agents in the south east Nigeria.

3.      Obasi O (2005) Socio-cultural factors influencing the adoption of Modern Birth Control Methods in rural communities of Imo State, Nigeria.

4.      Ogueri E I (2006) Performance evaluation of multinational oil corporation’             rural development programmes in the Niger Delta of Nigeria

5.      Aniedu C (2006) Gender factors in the access and utilization of improved yam technologies by farmers in South Eastern Nigeria.

6.      Onuekwusi, G.C (2007) Evaluation of Agricultural and rural development programmes of Niger Delta Development Commission, Nigeria

7.      Nwosu E.I (2008) Assessment of community participation in World Bank Assisted rural development and poverty reduction programmes in Abia State, Nigeria

8.      Amamgbo L.E.F (2009) Evaluation of “sweet potato flour for confection” technology transfer and utilization in South East agro-ecological zone, Nigeria.

9.      Onukwube V.C (2009) Impact of the participation of National Teachers’ Institute’s graduates on rural development in South East, Nigeria.

10.  Okwusi,M (2009) Information and communication Technologies use among extension officers in South East, Nigeria

11.  Odoemelam L.E (2010)Effectiveness of mass media and interpersonal communication patterns in disseminating HIV/AIDS information to rural communities in Abia State, Nigeria

12.  Uranta, D.T (2011) Effectiveness of skills acquisition training programme of Shell Petroleum Development Company and the Niger Delta Development Commission among rural youths in the Niger Delta.

13.  Harry, A.T (2011) Assessment of gender participation in public and private extension systems in Rivers State, Nigeria.

14.  Nnodim  A U.  (2012) Impact of widowhood on the livelihood activities and wellbeing of rural women in Rivers State, Nigeria.

15.  EgwuN. J (2012)Impact of National Special Programme for Food Security on farm households in Abia State, Nigeria.

16.  Egeonu N.E (2012) Effectiveness of traditional communication pattern in the transfer of UNICEF promoted health messages in the south-eastern Nigeria.

17.  Ekanem J.T. (2013) Performance evaluation of Shell Petroleum Development Company’s agricultural intervention in the Niger Delta, Nigeria (2004-2008)

18.  OjoOjo (2014) Analysis of Research- Extension- Farmer communication Pattern for the transfer and adoption of fisheries technologies in Abia and Imo states, Nigeria.

19.  Nwakwasi R (2014) Evaluation of Traditional and Orthodox Methods of Malaria Control  among farmers in the South East Zone, Nigeria

20.  Odunze N.B (2014) Effectiveness of folklore in communicating agricultural and health messages among rural women in South East agricultural zone, Nigeria.

21.  Urang E (2014) Performance evaluation of the European Union Micro Health project in Niger Delta Region.

22.  Udousung I. J (2015) Evaluation of traditional and orthodox methods of poultry disease control among farmers in AkwaIbom and Cross Rivers States, Nigeria.

23.  Kanu R.U (2016) Comparative assessment of youth farmers’ access and utilization of farm land and inputs in Abia and Benue States of Nigeria.

24.  Uwem Clement (2016) Access and Utilization of New Media among Urban Livestock Farmers in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

25.  Ukonu J.K(2017) Effect of mass media use on agroforestry and land reclamation practices among oil producing communities in south east, Nigeria



1.      Egwu, N. J. (2003) Adoption potentials of IITA Black Stigatoka resistant hybrid     plantain in south east Nigeria

2.      Tokula, M. H. (2003) Adoption of cocoyam production and processing    technologies in Ikwuano, Abia State, Nigeria

3.      Odoemelam L. O. (2004) “Access and Utilization of Television farm broadcast in Abia State”

4.      Apu U (2004) “Factors influencing the adoption of two cassava varieties in Abia   State”

5.      Osuji, A.I (2005) Determinants of rural youths participation in selected agricultural

projects in Owerri Agricultural Zone, Imo State, Nigeria

6.      Ukpabi, M.E (2006) Evaluation of secondary school students’ potentials as agent of                agricultural technology transfer in Abia State

7.      Kalu, C.I (2008) Assessment of participation in poverty reduction programmes among ruralites in Abia State, Nigeria

8.      Osahon ,E (2009) Adoption of fruits and vegetables preservation technologies extended to farmers in Imo State, Nigeria.

9.      Ukoha, J.C (2011) Adoption of improved F3 Amazon Variety of cocoa in Abia State, Nigeria.

10.  Kanu, R.U (2011) Farm situation and needs analysis of University- selected communities in Abia State, Nigeria.

11.  Diriyai D.D (2014) Adoption of ‘PITA 14’ Hybrid plantain variety by farmers in Bayelsa State. Nigeria.

12.  Kalu U.A (2014) Analysis of youth’s participation in HIV/AIDS Counseling and Testing (HCT) Programme in Abia State, Nigeria

13.  Clyd-Mbah G (2014) Impact of rural based factory operations on the quality of life of farmers in host communities of Abia State.

14.  Umesi J.C (2014) Evaluation of Researcher- Farmer participatory technology development pattern in Abia State, Nigeria.

15.  Chibueze A.B (2014) Autonomization of communities and rural development in Abia State, Nigeria.

16.  Ekereuke H.E (2015) Effectiveness of the television malaria drug advertisement among farmers in Akwa-Ibom State, Nigeria

17.  Ozurumba Stanley (2016) Effectiveness of the Amnesty Programme in Controlling Youth Restiveness in Rivers State, Nigeria.

18.  Ebebe E.E (2017) Utilization of Information and Communication Technologies among participants of Integrated Farmers’ Scheme in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

19.  Ogbuji N.I (2017) Effectiveness of traditional communication pattern in the transfer of HIV/AIDS messages among rural female youths in Abia State, Nigeria

research interest


1.    Development Communication

Agriculture in Nigeria and Africa cannot develop unless the technologies developed for farmers are successfully transferred to them. My research interest is in understanding the farmers’ communication environment and then develop communication strategies that can successfully transfer innovations to them. In this regards, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) become both tools for reaching the farmers, and as research topic. The same communication studies are deployed in the areas of ;

HIV/AIDS Health message Campaigns


2.   Globalization and rural development in Nigeria

        The world has become a global village, hence, any problem in one part of the world           has a direct or indirect consequence on rural development in Nigeria. Also,                Globalization and commercialization have opened international markets for crops          produced by local farmers. I have been interested in:

a)      studying how cassava farmers in Nigeria have been responding to these global markets;

b)      impact of economic meltdown on rural development;

c)      climate change; consequences and adaptation strategies for farmers in the south eastern Nigeria.


3.     Impact studies.

        I have been evaluating the impact of some rural development projects in agriculture, 

health and education.


Current Research Projects

a.       Mitigating the spread of HIV/AIDS disease among rural farmers in Abia State through different communication strategies.

b.      Directing the rural development strategies of Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, in developing and implementing poverty alleviation programmes.




i. Theses

a)      Nwachukwu, Ike (1983).  “Marketing strategies of Lagos street traders”.  A  B.Sc. thesis, University of Lagos, Lagos.

b)      Nwachukwu, Ike (1987).  “A study of the effectiveness of agricultural television programmes in Oyo State”.  M.Sc. thesis.  ObafemiAwolowo University, Ile-Ife.

c)       Nwachukwu, Ike (1999).  “Evaluation of the effectiveness of an improved rice processing technology transfer method among women in the Middle Belt of Nigeria”.  Ph.D. thesis.  ObafemiAwolowo University, Ile-Ife.


ii.     Books/Proceedings


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Book Chapters

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Technical/Consultancy Reports

34Nwachukwu Ike (2003) International alliance against hunger in Nigeria. Invited paper by the Abia State Government in celebration of World Food Day. Michael Okpara Auditorium, Umuahia.

1.      Nwachukwu Ike (2008) Traditional Communication and Communication pattern in Abia State, Nigeria. A Consultancy project report for United Nations Population Funds (UNFPA)

2.      Nwachukwu Ike (2008) Evaluation of the effectiveness of UNICEF’s communication on safe excreta disposal and hand washing in Imo State, Nigeria. A consultancy project report submitted to UNICEF’s A- fields, Enugu.

3.      Nwachukwu,Ike; Udeh,N.E; Akinmutimi,A and Odoemlam,L (2008) Evaluation of the awareness of bird flu disease and its control methods among farmers and extension officers in Abia State, Nigeria. Funded by MOUAU Research and Development

4.      Nwachukwu Ike (2015) Social Impact Assessment Report Of the Environmental Evaluation of Afam Oil and Gas Facilities. A consultancy report for International Energy Services Limited, Port Harcourt

5.      Nwachukwu Ike (2016) Social Impact Assessment ReportOf the Environmental Evaluation of Adebawa Creek Field Facilities. A consultancy report for International Energy Services Limited, Port Harcourt


Journal Articles

6.      Nwachukwu, I.M. and Akinbode, I.A. (1989).  The use of Television in disseminatingagricultural technology.  A case study of selected communities in Oyo State, Nigeria.  Rural Development in Nigeria.  Vol. 3, No.2, 111 – 115

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Keynote/ Invited Papers


1.            Nwachukwu Ike (2009) Farmers Participatory Research and Extension in technology development and utilization in mitigating the impact of climate change in south east agro-ecological zone of Nigeria.

Keynote paper presented at the Annual Research Conference of the National Root Crops Research Institute, Umudike.


2.            Nwachukwu Ike (2012 (Policy options towards repositioning REFILS for food security, youth empowerment and mitigating the impact of climate change. Keynote paper presented at the Annual Research Conference of the National Root Crops Research Institute, Umudike.


3.            Nwachukwu Ike (2012) Globalization and the prospects of resource diversification in the south east Nigeria.

Invited paper present to the Abia State Government during the visit of study group  of Nigerian Institute of Policy and Strategic Study.


4.            Nwachukwu Ike (2013) Gender studies in Nigeria; understanding the gaps and setting forth an agenda. Keynote paper presented at the inauguration of the Centre for Gender Studies. Federal University of Technology. Owerri. 2013.


5.            Nwachukwu Ike (2013) Human behaviour and safety management in the oil and gas industry. Keynote paper presented at the Safety week celebration of the Shell Petroleum Development Company. Port Harcourt.


6.            Nwachukwu Ike (2014) Agricultural Transformation Agenda and the quality of rural infrastructure and institutions: lessons from global reflections and perspectives. Lead paper presented at the Annual Conference of the Rural Sociological Association Conference. University of Benin.


7.            Nwachukwu Ike (2014) From drumbeats to gigabytes: Communicating Agricultural Technologies Effectively to farmers in Nigeria. 20th Inaugural Lecture, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike.


8.            Nwachukwu Ike (2016) Agricultural Institutions and food security in Nigeria: agenda for Buhari and Ikpeazu’s Administrations. Annual lecture of Great Ife Alumni Association, Umuahia Branch


Extension Publications/Newspaper Articles

1. Nwachukwu, Ike (1994) “Nupe Women and soybean production” NCRI Newsletter Vol. 1, No.1

2. Nwachukwu, Ike (1999) “Becoming a successful farmer” Nupe School Magazine No1, Bida

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6. Nwachukwu, Ike, “Rice, the Miracle seed; NCRI to improve production”.  Daily Times June 6th, 1989.

7. Nwachukwu, Ike, “The Politics of Soybeans”.  The Guardian – June 20th 1989.

8. Nwachukwu, Ike, “Solving the Sugar Problem in Nigeria”.  New Nigerian; July 27th 1989.

9. Nwachukwu, Ike, “Five years of rice ban” New Nigerian  Sept., 15th 1990.

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11. Nwachukwu, Ike, “finding alternatives to fertilizer”.  New Nigerian – October 5th, 1992.

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13. Nwachukwu, Ike, O. Oladejo.  “NCRI Solving Farmers’ Problems.  Daily Times May 27th 1994.

14 Nwachukwu, Ike,  “Solving Nigeria’s Agric. Problems”.  National Ambassador  11th – 17th June, 2001; p8.


Conferences/Seminar Papers Presented (Abridged)

1. Nwachukwu, Ike (1986).  “Communication Strategies for rural development in Nigeria” A paper presented at the National Conference on the “Quality of life in      a depressed economy”. ObafemiAwolowo University, Ile-Ife, 6th May, 1986.

2. Nwachukwu, Ike, 1990.  “Communicating Agricultural Innovations.  The Public Relations Imperative”.  A paper presented at the 7th Conference of the African Council on Communication Education (ACCE) Burkina Faso.  22nd – 27th October, 1990.

3. Nwachukwu, Ike 1990.  “Publish or Perish”.  Tips on writing, presenting and publishing research papers.  Presented at NCRI Seminar.  10th August, 1990.

4. Nwachukwu, Ike, 1991.  “Understanding the brown envelope problem; Implications for solution”.  Presented at the National Seminar of the African Council on Communication Education (Nig. Chapter), Owerri, 27th – 30th March, 1991.

5. Nwachukwu, Ike, 1991.  “Effective Communication in Agricultural Extension”.  A paper presented at the 1991 NAERLS (MBZ) 20th – 22nd June, 1991.  Bida.

6. Nwachukwu, Ike, 1991.  “Ethnic Structures and the Communication of Innovation to rural women in Nigeria”.  (University of Ibadan, Ibadan 20th – 22nd November, 1991).  ACCE, Ibadan Chapter.

7. Nwachukwu, Ike, 1992.  “Effective Seminar Presentation”.  A seminar paper presented at the Federal Polytechnic, Bida. 30th April, 1992.

8. Nwachukwu, Ike, 1991.  “Mass Media and Agricultural Production”.  Paper presented at the workshop on “Rice Processing in Nigeria’, Minna 1st Sept.,1992.

9. Nwachukwu, ike, 1994.  “Communicating innovations for sustainable agricultural development in Nigeria”.  Presented at the 9th Biennial Conference of the African Council for Communication Education.  Accra, Ghana. 6th – 23rd Oct., 1994.

10. Nwachukwu, Ike, 1995.  “Communication Skills for Agricultural Extension Officers”.  Paper delivered at the Communication Training Course for Extension Officers of the Niger State ADP, Niger State, Nigeria.  July 31st – August 31st.

11. Nwachukwu, Ike, 1996.  “Oral and Poster Presentation of Research Results”.  NCRI

Seminar Series (July).

12. Nwachukwu, Ike, 1997.  “Effective Communication for Extension Message Delivery”.  Invited paper delivered at the Abuja Agricultural Development Project.  20th March.

13. Nwachukwu, Ike, 1998.  “Effective Communication of Agricultural Technology to

Women Farmers in Nigeria”.  A paper presented at the 11th Biennial Conference of ACCE, Kenya.

14. Nwachukwu, Ike, 1999. “Evaluation of the Performance of Women Extension Agents in the Middle Belt of Nigeria”.  A paper presented at the Annual Conference of Agric. Society of Nigeria, NCRI, Badeggi.

15. Nwachukwu, Ike, 2000.  “Method of writing field reports in research and extension.  A paper presented at the FCT ADP, Gwagwalada.

16. Nwachukwu, Ike, 2000.  “Evaluation of the rice processing technology transfer among women farmers in the Central Zone of Nigeria”. A paper presented at the Annual Conference of the Agric. Extension Society of Nigeria, Ibadan.

17. Nwachukwu, Ike, 2000.  “Communication Skills for farmer participatory research”.  A paper presented at the participatory research training workshop.  IITA, Ibadan.

18. Nwachukwu, Ike, 2000.  “Writing research reports”.  A paper presented at the participatory research training workshop.  IITA, Ibadan.

19. Nwachukwu, Ike and O.I. Nwachukwu, 2000.  “Evaluation of research – farmer interaction in the development of a rice processing technology:  A paper presented at the Annual Conference of the Agric. Engineering Society of Nigeria, University of Ibadan, 11th – 14th Sept., 2000.


Religious/Literary Books

1.Nwachukwu, Ike (1997) Pure Courtship; Sharon Media, Bida.

              ISBN 978-2769-97-5 pp41

2. Nwachukwu, Ike (1999) Choosing a Life Partner.  CAPRO Media, Jos,                

              ISBN 978-2769-97-978-2668-84-2 pp74.

3. Nwachukwu, Ike (2001) Experiencing Happy Marriage.  Sharon Media. 

              ISBN 978-33278-3-6.

4. Nwachukwu, Ike (2015) Audacious Will. The biography of Dr (Senator) Chris Adighije


Publications Edited and Produced

a)      NCRI Annual Report, 1987 to 2001

b)      NCRI Quarterly Newsletter, 1989 to 2001

c)       NCRI Weekly News Bulletin, 1991 to2001

d)      A Bibliography on Maize in NCRI Library Memo No. 135 by R.E. Udoh, 1991.

e)      A bibliography of Grain Legumes in NCRI Memo No. 133 by R.E. Udoh, 1991.

f)       A Bibliography on Rice in NCRI Library Memo No. 123 by R.E. Udoh, 1991   

g)      Profitable cereals production in Nigeria by B.B. Wudiri, K.A. Ayotade and I.O. Fatoba, 1991.

h)      Soybeans Processing and Utilization Research in Nigeria by B.B. Wudiri and U.I. Awuja, 1991.

i)        ‘Agroserve’ (Founding Editor of a Departmental Magazine)


Extension Guides Produced

a.         Rice Processing

b.         Steps to Grow Upland Rice

c.         Steps to Grow Lowland Rice

d.         Step to Grow Sugarcane

courses taught in the university


Post Graduate Courses

a)      Extension Communication

b)      Agricultural Journalism

c)      Principles of Human communication

d)      Research Methods

e)      Programme planning in Extension


            Undergraduate courses

professional body membership


1.      African Council for Communication Education (ACCE)

2.      Nigerian Association of Science Editors (NASE)

3.      Nigerian Guild of Agricultural Communicators.

4.      Agricultural Society of Nigeria

5.      Media Forum for Agriculture.

6.      Agricultural Extension Society of Nigeria (AESON)

7.      International Association of Agricultural Information Specialists

8.      Nigerian Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services (NIFAAS)

9.      African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services (AFAAS)

10.  Society for Community and Communication Development Research (SCCDR)


Positions Held In Associations

a.       Co-coordinator, Niger State Chapter, Media Forum for Agriculture 1990 – 1998

b.      Assistant Secretary, Nigerian Association of Science Editors. 1992 -1995

c.       General Secretary 11, Agricultural Extension Society of Nigeria. 2014- date

d.      President, Society for Community and Communication Development Research. 2015-date

e.       Vice President, Nigerian Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services. 2015- 

community service


1.      Member, Chapel of Revelation Council                                                    2001-date

2.       Chairman, Chapel of Revelation Council                                                                 2003-2009

3.      Director of community development, under, MOUAU Extension Centre

4.      Founder/Director, Amakama Believers Association

5.      Founder/Sponsor, Amakama Annual Youth Summit,                                        2001-date

6.      Regular speaker in radio and television programmes

7.      Regularly invited to give talks, especially at youth programmes

8.      Member, Research-Extension-Farmer-Input-Linkage-System (REFILS) South Eastern Zone                                                                                                                                                  2007-date

proposals made and accepted by the university


1.      Developed a certificate course in Agricultural Communication. Implemented   by the Consultancy Unit, MOUAU (2001)

2.      Developed a Post Graduate Diploma in Agricultural Extension and Rural Development as the Head of Department. Implemented in 2004

3.      Proposed and designed the publication of a Weekly bulletin for the University, “MOUAU Update” Implemented by the University Management (July, 2002)

4.      Designed and produced a video documentary and colour brochure of Michael Okpara University of Agric., (2002)

5.      Developed a guideline for Postgraduate thesis writing. Accepted by the PG School, MOUAU, (2002)

6.      Proposed the establishment of Centre for extension and development. Accepted and implemented in 2007 as MOUAU Extension Centre

7.      Proposed a B.Sc degree in Agricultural Extension and Community Development (for HND holders). Accepted by University Senate (2017)


awards/ research grants received


1.      A recipient of IITA’s 1987 Post Graduate Fellowship Award.

2.      World Bank/ NARP Award for PhD Programme, 1996 – 1999

3.      MOUAU Research Grant 2008. ‘Awareness and control of bird-flu disease in Abia State.




1.      Prof. IkennaOnyido

NnamdiAzikiwe University, Awka

2.      Prof. O.C Onwudike

Rhema University, Aba

3.      Prof. TunjiArokoyo

Ahamadu Bello University, Zaria


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