NAME: Nto Philips OkpoOkore.

CURRENT CONTACT ADDRESS: College of Agricultural Economics, Rural Sociology and Extension, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike,


P. M. B 7267, Umuahia, Abia State.







Michael Okpara University of Agric Umudike PhD 2006-2010

Galilee International Management Institute, Israel Diploma March 2011

Michael OkparaUniversity of Agric, Umudike M.Sc 2003-2006

University of Nigeria,Nsukka B. Agric 1989-1995

Ututu/Ihe High School, Ututu WASC 1981-1986

Ututu Central School, Ututu FSLC 1975-1981


Major Areas of Specialisation: (i) Agricultural Economics

(ii) Project Management (Diploma)


Minor Area of Specialisation: Agribusiness mgt& finance


Thesis/ Project Title (i) PhD: Analysis of Investment,

Risk and Productivity Among

Agribusiness Enterprises in Abia

State, Nigeria.

(ii) Diploma: Evaluation of Total Polio Eradication Project in North Western Nigeria. (Israel)

(iii)Msc: Analysis of Rural Farmers Credit Worthiness and Procurement Potentials under Quoted Banks in Abia State, Nigeria.

(iv)B.Agric: Comparative Cost Benefit Analysis of the Production of yam and Cassava in Arochukwu LGA, Abia state, Nigeria.

Place of Work: Department of Agribusiness and Management, College of Agricultural Economics, Rural Sociology and Extension (CAERSE), Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike.


Status on First Appointment Lecturer

PresentStatus: Lecturer



(1) Agricultural Instructor,SaniAbachaYouth Centre, Kano, Nysc Nov 1995-Oct 1996

(2) Manager, P-streamline Ventures, Umuahia 1997-2005

(3) Manager, MenencoInvestment Ltd Umuahia 2005-2007

(4) Consultant, Menenco Investment Ltd 2007 till date

(5) Consultant, Ministry of Local Government and Chieftaincy

 Affairs, Abia State 2009 till date

(6) Consultants, Office of the Secretary to Abia State Government 2007 -2011

(7) Consultant, Millennium Development Goals Unit of Abia State

 Planning Commission 2009 till date

(8) Consultant, Abia State Universal Basic Education Board 2009-2010

(9) Academic Adviser (CABFM, Students) 2007-2011

(10) Lecturer, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike. 2007-2013

June, 2015 –March, 2016

(11) Deputy Director, Centre for Gender and Child Development Affair,

(MOUAU) 2012- 2013

(12) Honourable Commissioner, Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, Abia State October2013- May 2015.

(13) Provost, Abia State College of Education (Technical), Arochukwu, Abia State, March

2016 till date.






(1) Business Law I&II(2007-2011)

(2) Business Finance I&II(2007 till date)

(3) Human Resources Management(2007-2011)

(4) Investment Banking(2009/2010)

(5) Practice of Banking11(2009/2010)

(6) Agricultural Cooperative and Marketing(2007-2010)

(7) International Finance(2011-till date)

(8) Credit Analysis and Risk Management(2011-till date)

(9) Marketing of Financial Services(2011 till date)

(10) Seminar in Finance(2011 till dates)

(11) Monetary Theory and Policy(2012-till date)

(12) Supervised over 50 Undergraduate Degree Projects.




(1)Insurance and Risk management Msc (2012 till date)

(2)Advanced Financial Devt& policy PhD(2012 till date)

(3) International Finance Msc (2012 till date)

(4)Research Methodology PhD(2013 till date)





(a) Member, Several Investigation panels

(b) Member, College Board of College of Agribusiness and Financial Management (CABFM)

(c) Member, Departmental Board,

(d) Member, Committee on Restructuring of CABFM

(e) Member, Asuu, Mouau.

(f) Member, SERVICON.

(g) Member, Planning Committee,6th Annual Conference, Nigeria Society of Indigenous Knowledge and Development.

 (h) Chairman, Local Organising Committee, Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony/Official Launching of Centre for Gender and Child Development(16/11/2012), Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike.

(i) Member, Committee of Deans and Directors, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike.

(j) Chairman, Finance Session, Annual Paris Conference on Business and Social Sciences (June, 2012) Paris, France.

(k) Chairman, Planning Committee, 2013 Gender Stakeholder‟s Summit and Award Ceremony (24/5/2013), Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike.

(l) Chairman, Finance and General Purpose Committee (F&GPC) of Abia State Government of Nigeria. October, 2013- May, 2015

(m) Member, Federation Account Allocation Committee of Federal Government of Nigeria, October, 2013-May, 2015. Ministry of Finance, Abuja.

(n) Member, Ministerial Implementation Committee of National Economic Council on the Harmonization of Taxes and Levies across the Federation, October, 2013- May, 2015. National Planning Commission, Abuja.

(o) Member, Abia State Executive Council, October, 2013- May, 2015.

(p) Member, Abia State Boundary Committee, October, 2013-May, 2015.

(q) Chairman, State Implementation Committee on International Public Sector Accounting Standard, Abia State Government, 2013-May, 2015.

(r) Member, Abia State Implementation Committee on Nigeria Erosion and Watershed Management Project (NEWMAP), World Bank Assisted Project, 2013-May, 2015.

(s) Member, SURE-P Board of Abia State Government 2013-May, 2015.

(t) Chairman, Local Organising Committee on theMaiden Abia State Revenue Summit, Successfully Hosted on 10th July, 2014 at Umuahia.

(u) Member, Committee on the Sustenance of the Abia State Specialist Hospital and Diagnostic Centre, 2014-2015.

(v) Member, Committee on the Review and Implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)between Abia State Government and MECURE Limited, Lagos, 2014.

(w) Member, Abia State Executive Council Committee on National Identity Management, 2014.

(x) Member, Committee of Provosts, Colleges of Education of Nigeria.




(i) Member, African Finance Growth Institute.

(ii) Member, Agricultural Society of Nigeria

(iii) Member Agricultural Economist Association of Nigeria

(iv) Member, Farm Management Association of Nigeria.

(v) Member, World Business Institute

(vi) Member, Galilee International Management Institute GIMI, Nigerian Alumni Association.


HOBBIES: Reading, Playing Long Tennis and Juggling.






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Mbanasor J.A, Nto P.O.O, Ogbe S. and Nwogu O. (2012) “Technical Report on Situation and Policy Analysis on Orange Flesh Sweet Potato in Nassarawa, Benue and Kwara States.Prepared for Helene Keller International, New York, USA.

Nto P.O.O (2014)“Breakdown of Abia Sate Government 2014 Budget”.Presented at the Abia State House of Assembly Chambers, Umuahia on 28th January, 2014.

Nto P.O.O (2014) “Exco Memo on the Harmonization of Fees and Levies in Abia State” Presented to Abia State Executive Council on May, 2014, with the objective of stamping out multiple taxation in Abia State.

Nto P.O.O (2014)“Exco Memo on the Establishment of State Agency for Micro, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (MSMEs)”.Presented to Abia State Executive Council on the 8th October of 2014 with the Aim of Assisting MSMEs in the Abia State Access Finance from Financial Institutions.

Nto P.O.O (2014) “Exco Memo on the State of the Global Economy: Nigeria and Abia State in Perspective” Presented to Abia State Executive Council on the 6th of November, 2014 with the aim of finding solution to Dwindling Revenue Allocation from Federation Account Allocation Committee (FAAC) and the Implication to Abia State Government.

Nto P.O.O (2014) “Breakdown of Abia Sate Government 2015 Budget”, Presented to the Abia State House of Assembly, Umuahia on 2ndFebruary, 2015.




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51) Nto P.O.O, (2012) “Education: A Panacea to Youth Restiveness in Ututu” Being invited paper presented in a programme organised by Ututu Youth Forum (UYF) on the 31st Dec, 2012 at the Ututu Central School, Ututu, Arochukwu L.G.A.

52) Nto P.O.O, (2013) “Investment and Investment Decisions: The Challenges to Christians”, Being Invited Lecture Delivered at the Prayer Conference of Assemblies of God Church, Umuahia district with theme: Divine Visitation,on 8/9th January, 2013,At AGDSN, Old Umuahia, Abia State.

53) Nto P.O.O (2016) “Planning for Future”, Being Invited Lecture Presented in the Leaders Retreat Tagged: Engineers of Total Restoration, January 18th -21st, 2016 at The Evangel Camp of the Assemblies of God Church, Okpoto, Ebonyi State.



1) Agricultural Society of Nigeria Conference, 20th -23rd October 2009. Organised by Nigerian Agricultural Society at National Universities Commission, Abuja, Nigeria.

 2) 9th African Finance Journal Conference Organised by African Finance Growth Institute, 19th-20th April, 2012, at the Panari-Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya.

3) Annual Paris Conference on Business and Social Science, July 12th-13th, 2012. Organised by World Business Institute, Paris France.

4) 2013 Key-west International Multidisciplinary Academic Conference Organised by Institute of Strategic and International Studies, 4-5th May, 2013 at the Pier House Resort and Caribbean Spa, Florida, USA.

5) 5th Annual American Business Research Conference, Organised by World Business Institute, 6-7th June, 2013 at Sheraton LaGuardia East Hotel, New York, USA.

6) 8th Annual MSME Finance Conference and Entrepreneurship Awards Theme: MSME Financing in Nigeria: Past, Present and Future. Organized by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) at the Sheraton Hotel Abuja, 18th -19th August, 2014.

7) Participated in IPSAS Implementation and Project Management Study Tour to France, 3rd -7th November, 2014, Paris, France.




Involved as resource person in the Following Consultancy Services:

1. Organisation of HIV/AIDS Awareness Campaign, 2006- 2010 Programme Organised by Abia State Government to Mark World AIDS day.

2. Total Polio Eradication Campaign in Abia State in2005-2010. Programme Organised by Abia State Government to Mobilize Nursing Mothers and other Stake holders to Participate in the Yearly Polio Immunization programme.

3. Organisation Of Security Awareness/Entrepreneurship Campaign In All Wards Of The 17 LGAsOf Abia State In 2009. A measure Adopted by Abia State Government to Educate Youths and other Stake holders on the Dangers of Kidnapping.

4. Malaria Roll-Back Programme through Fumigation of Health Centres and Primary Schools inAbia State in2009.

5. Organisation of Local Governments‟ Children‟s Exchange Programme, In View of 2010 Children‟s Day.

6. Organisation of Value Re-Orientation and Re-branding Rally For The General Public In The 17 LGAs of Abia State In 2010. Organised in Collaboration with Abia State Government.

 7. Organisation Of Environmental Sensitization Campaigns Of The General Public in Abia State on Environmental Pollution And Litter Control; The Keep Abia Clean Initiative in 2010.

8. Training of Farmers on the Adoption and Use Modern Farming Techniques and Improved Varieties in Abia State in 2010 and 2011. A Programme Aimed at Preparing Farmers for the Yearly Cropping Season. Organised in collaboration with Federal and Abia State Government.

9. Supervision of Refuse Disposal and Desilting of Drainage Blocked by Garbages in Urban Areas of Abia State.

10. Organisation of Public Lecture on Peace Building Support in View of April 2011 General Election: A Violence Free Environment Initiative in Nigeria (March 2011) Organised by Menenco Investment Ltd in Collaboration with Abia State Government and INEC.

11. Organisation of Public Lecture/ Workshop on “Violence Free Society: A Panacea for Sustainable Development. Held for Youths at Aba and Umuahia (2011).

12. Organisation of a Sensitization Campaign on Cholera Prevention in the 17 LGAs of Abia State. A Public Health lecture Held to Forestall Future Outbreak of cholera in Abia State (2011).

13. Organization of Workshop Entitled “Community Participation and Local Initiative for Environmental Protection and Litter Control in Aba and Umuahia”. A programme held in Aba and Umuahia to Mark World Environment Day (June 2011).

14. Organization of Workshop Aimed at Harnessing the Economic Potential of Aba Through Change Orientation of the Crafts Men and Small and Medium Scale Enterprises for the Growth of Abia State.

15. Organisation of a public lecture/enlightenment in some States of the Federation on “Community-Driven Development Initiative and Poverty Reduction Strategies”.(September 2011)

16. Organisation of Sensitisation Programme for Abia Youths to Participate in the Federal Government/World Bank Youth Empowerment (YOU WIN) Programme. Done In collaboration with the Government of Abia State of Nigeria and Federal Ministry of Finance (December, 2011).

17. Organisation of Workshop on “Effective Budget Implementation and Fiscal Discipline in the Unified Local Government System.”A Programme Organised in Collaboration with Abia state Government for Local Government Functionaries.(Feb 2012 ,Umuahia )

 18. Resource Person in the Organisation of Public Awareness Lecture on the Control Yuletide Related Crime in Abia State in view of 2012 Christmas Season.




1) Resource Person for Abia State Government and INEC in the Proposal for Delineation of State and Federal Constituencies in 2009.

2) Chairman, Project Implementation Committee, Ukwuakwu Bore-hole Project Under Abia State Community Poverty Reduction Project (ABCPRP) (World Bank Assisted Project 2005-2006)

3) Chairman, Board of Governors, International Academy (Assemblies of God Church Primary School, World Bank Housing Estate, Umuahia) 2010 till date.

4) Chairman, Project Committee for Upgrading of UkwuakwuUtutu Feeder Roads. Community based Project, 2009 till date.

5) Monitoring of Universal Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) in Abia State, 5th April 2010.

6) Independent National Electoral Commission INEC Ward Collation Officer (Isu Ward Arochukwu LGA) for National Assembly Election 9th April 2011

7) INEC Ward Collation Officer Eleoha Ward for Presidential Election 16th April 2011.

8) INEC Returning Officer for Arochukwu State Constituency Election 26th April 2011

9) Chairman, Ututu Development Union, Umuahia Branch 2011 – Till date




1) Letter of Commendation by the Vice Chancellor of Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike for successful organization of Gender Stakeholders Summit and Award Ceremony in the University.

2) Outstanding Lecturer of the Year 2012/2013 by National Association of Banking and Finance Students, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike Chapter.

3) Special Commendation Award, Presented by Board of Directors, Management and Staff of MOUAU VASMUS MFB LTD, Umudike, on June, 2015.

4) Certificate of Recognition by the Traditional Ruling Council of Ututu as Ife-Mba I of Ututu.



1. His Excellency,

 Senator T.A Orji,

National Assembly Complex,



 Department of Agribusiness and Management,

College of Agricultural Economics, Rural Sociology and Extension,

Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike,

Abia State.



 Department of Agricultural Economics,

University of Nigeria, Nsukka,

Enugu State.

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