PERSONAL                                Maiden Name:                          Nzeuzor        

INFORMATION                           Sex:                                              Female                      

                                                      Nationality:                               Nigerian

RESUME OF                              Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike

EDUCATION                             Ph.D (in view) in Rural Sociology & Development           started 2017


                                                       Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike         2006 – 2011

                                                       M.Sc in Rural Sociology & Development


                                                       Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike         1997 – 2003

                                                       B. Agric in Rural Sociology & Extension

                                                       (Second Class Honours/Upper Division)


                                                       Ibeku High School, Umuahia                                                   1993 – 1995

                                                       Senior Secondary School Certificate (SSCE)                               


                                                       General Certificate Examination (GCE)                                        1996


                                                       Girls’ Junior Secondary School, Umuahia                            1990 – 1992

                                                       Junior Secondary School Certificate (JSCE)


                                                       Ohokobe/Umuohu Primary School                                         1984 – 1989

                                                       First School Leaving Certificate (FSLC)   



WITH DATES                           

1.                                                 Rural Sociology and Extension Department, MOUAU       2016 till date

                                                       Assistant Lecturer

Responsibilities                          – Lectures courses assigned

                                                       – Carries out Research

                                                       – Supervises students’ projects

                                                       – Supervises B. Agric. SIWES programme

                                                       – Invigilates examinations

                                                       – Marks and records scripts

                                                       – Computes results etc


2.                                                 Agribusiness and Management PG Studio, MOUAU          

                                                       Senior Extension Officer                                                        2015 till Date

                                                       Studio Manager                                                                        2015 till Date





General management of the Studio


§  Handles students’ seminar presentations


3.                                                 MOUAU Extension Centre (MEC)                                                    

                                                       Extension Officer I                                                                  2012 – 2015




                                                       Extension Officer II                                                                2008 – 2012


§  Organized Health and Nutrition Outreaches in MEC Communities

§  Disseminated proven Technologies to farmers

§  Carried out Farm Inspections on farmers’ fields

§  Coordinated youth/women development programmes

§  Facilitated and monitored agribusiness loans to farmers

§  Produced and presented Radio programmes on MEC activities

§  Facilitated WAARP programmes in MEC Communities


4.                                                 The World Bank Third National Fadama Programme                      2008




                                                       Community Facilitator in Amaiyi Igbere, Bende L.G.A


§  Ensured communities have access to information and Resources

§  Ensured true participatory planning process in the communities

§  Sensitized Fadama UserGroups (FUGs)

§  Assisted in group formation

§  Facilitated needs assessment

§  Facilitated preparation of Local Development Plan (LDP)

§  Raised awareness on environmental issues

§  Ensured full participation of FUGs through participatory method

§  Facilitated the registration of groups as Cooperatives




5.                                                 St. Cecilia’s Academy, Umuahia                                                         2005




                                                       Agricultural Science Teacher


§  Handled JSS I – SS III in Agricultural Science


6.                                                 Domino Montessori School, Umuahia                                   2006-2008




                                                       Agricultural Science Teacher


§  Handled SS I –  SS III in Agricultural Science


7.                                                 Nigerian Army School of Education, Sobi, Kwara State     2003/2004




                                                       Instructor in A-Level Courses


§  Handled NCE I and NCE III students in General Physics and

Farm Stead Planning/Design


8.                                                 Ansarul Islam College, Laduba, Kwara State                        2003/2004




                                                       Agricultural Science Teacher


§  Handled SS I and SS II students in Agricultural Science


9.                                                 D.V. Computer Training Institute, Karmo, Abuja                             2003






§  Handled students in Data Processing


10.                                            University Farm, MOUAU,                                                      2001




                                                       SIWES Course Representative


§  Carried out wet season and dry season farming

§  Poultry/Livestock production

§  Farm Accounts and Management

§  Extension Services


COURSES/TRAININGS          Digital Bridge Institute (International Centre for Information

UNDERGONE                            and Communication Studies

                                                       Advanced Digital Appreciation Programme for Tertiary

                                                       Institutions                                                                                            2017


                                                       Nigerian Institute of Manpower Development and Industrial Relations

                                                       Gender Project Training & Workshop                                           2013


                                                       AfriHUB Nigeria Limited

                                                       Computer Appreciation and Data Processing                               2009


                                                       National Food Reserve Agency, Federal Ministry of Agriculture &

                                                       Water Resources in Collaboration with The World Bank

                                                       Third National Fadama Training/Workshop                                2008                                                         

                                                       D.V Computer Training Institute, Karmo, Abuja                 

                                                       Data processing with DISTINCTION                                              2003

ACADEMIC HONOUR/          Best Graduate in Rural Sociology & Extension (First Degree)    2003


                                                       First Graduate with Second Class Honours Upper Division in

                                                       Rural Sociology& Extension Department, MOUAU                        2003



CERTIFICATES:                      National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), Kwara State                     

                                                       Certificate of National Service                                                         2004


                                                       Nigerian Christian Corpers Fellowship, Kwara State Chapter      

                                                       Certificate of Honour                                                                         2004


                                                       Christ Ambassadors Students Outreach (CASOR), MOUAU        

                                                       Faithfulness Award                                                                              2002


                                                       National Association of Agricultural Economics and                    

                                                       Extension Students (NAEES)                                                             

                                                       Certificate of Meritorious Service                                                  2002


                                                       Girls’ Junior Secondary School, Umuahia                                       

                                                       Certificate of Merit – Overall Best Student in Academics         1992


                                                       Girls’ Junior Secondary School, Umuahia                                       

                                                       Certificate of Merit – Overall Best Student in JSS II                  1991


                                                       Girls’ Junior Secondary School, Umuahia                                       

                                                       Certificate of Merit – Best Student in English in JSS II              1991

                                                       Girls’ Junior Secondary School, Umuahia                                       

                                                       Certificate of Merit –Best Student in Mathematics in JSS II    1991


POSITIONS HELD/                  Zonal Coordinator,

ASSIGNMENT DONE              Ohafia Agricultural Zone, Abia Zone, MEC                               2012/2015


                                                       Programme Coordinator,

                                                       Health & Nutrition Outreach, MEC                                        2008/2011


                                                       Member, Local Organizing Committee (LOC)                                            

                                                       NSIKAD Conference, Umudike                                                          2011                                                                                      

                                                       Coordinator, Ngerian Christian Corpers Fellowship (NCCF),

                                                       Laduba sub-zone, Kwara State                                                                                                       2003/2004


                                                       B.Agric SIWES Course Representative                               2000/2001


                                                       B.Agric French Course Representative                               2000/2001


                                                       Sisters’ Coordinator, Christ Ambassadors Students Outreach    2001

                                                       (CASOR), MOUAU      


APPOINTMENTS                     WAEC Assistant Examiner in Agric. Sc II                             2008/2014


                                                       NECO Assistant Examiner in Agric. Sc II                              2010/2014


PROJECT/THESIS                   Factors Affecting Women’s Participation in Women – in –

                                                       Agriculture(WIA) programme in Umuahia Agricultural Zone,

                                                       Abia State, Nigeria

                                                       First Degree Project                                                                            2002


                                                       Adoption of F3 improved Amazon Variety of Cocoa

                                                       Abia State,Nigeria

                                                       M.Sc Thesis                                                                                            2011


PROFESSIONAL                      Nigerian Society for Indigenous Knowledge and Development

ASSOCIATION                         (NSIKAD)




A.                                                   BOOK CHAPTERS


1.                                                 Ike Nwachukwu and Ukoha, Joy C. I. (2011). “Globalization and

                                           Rural Development in Nigeria” In: Nwachukwu, I. and K. C. Ekwe

                                           (eds) “Globalization and Rural Development in Nigeria,

                                           Essays in Honour of Prof. Ikenna Onyido, FAS, Vice Chancellor,

Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, 2006 – 2011”. Extension Centre. Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike.

Pp 180 – 201                 


2.                                                 Ukoha, J. C. I. and Nwachukwu, I. (2015). “Exploiting the Merits

                                           of Agricultural Transformation Agenda for Improved Cocoa Farming

                                           in Nigeria” In: Nwachukwu I., G. E. Ifenkwe, F. N. Onummadu,

                                                       M.N.B. Agbaraevo, A. Uchechi, L. E. Odoemelam and

                                                       C.U Nwaobiala (eds) “Contemporary Issuesin Agricultural Extension

                                                        and Rural Development”, Departmental Book of Reading,

                                                       Rural Sociology and Extension, Michael Okpara University of

                                                       Agriculture, Umudike. Pp 362 – 368


B.                                                   JOURNALS


3.                                                 Ukoha, J. C. I. and Nzeako, F. C. (2016). Evaluation of Agricultural                                                            

        Information Source Use in the Adoption of a New Variety by Cocoa

        Farmers in Abia State, Nigeria. Journal of Community and         

        Communication  Research.  Volume 1, No. 1 June.    

        Pp. 88-93


4.                                                  Ukoha, J. C. I. and Agu-aguiyi, F. N. (2016).

Evaluation of Cocoa Farming in Abia State, Nigeria.

Journal of Community and Communication Research. Volume 1, No. 1 Jun e 2016. Pp. 88-93         


5.                                                   Obinna, Leo. Onwukamike and Ukoha, Joy C. I. (2017). Comparative   

Effect of Rural Road Transportations on Cassava   Production

among Rural Farmers in Abia State, Nigeria.  European Journal

of Social Sciences vol.2/issue 3.

Pp. 117- 131


6.                                                  Ukoha, J.C.I. and Okonkwo, C.N. (2017). Promoting Entrepreneurship                        

                                            Development among Rural Women through Extension Services       

Delivery in Nigeria. Journal of Community and

Communication Volume 2, No. 2

December. Pp.  207 – 211.        


C.                                                         CONFERENCEPROCEEDINGS


7.                                                       Ukoha, J.C.I and Nwachukwu I (2012). Indigenous Knowledge                       

                                                 Utilization  among Cocoa Farmers in Abia StateConference  

                                             Proceedings of the 5th Annual Conference of Nigerian Society for       

                                             Indigenous Knowledge and Development (NSIKAD) held at

                                            Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike,

                                             Abia State, Nigeria, 5th – 7th June, 2012.  Pp. 233 – 240


8.                                                      Ukoha, J. C. I.; Kanu, R. U.; Anyanwu, E. V. and Umeh, U. (2016).

                                                            Evaluation of Michael Okpara University of Agricuture,

                                                            Umudike extension Center (MEC) in the Host Communities in

                                                            Abia State, Nigeria. Proceedings of the Conference by Society

                                                            for Community and Communication Development Research  

                                                            (SCCDR) held at Michael Okpara University of Agriculture,

                                                            Umudke, Abia State, Nigeria. August, 2016. Pp. 34 – 39


9.                                                      Obike, K. C., Ukoha, J.C.I. and Idu, M. A. (2017). Revolutionizing   

Cocoa Marketing: a Strategy for Promoting Cocoa Farming in Nigeria. Rivers State University of Science and Technology (RSUST), Rivers State.  Department of Marketing Academic Proceedings. Pp. 67 – 72


REFEREES                                 Prof. Ike Nwachukwu

                                                       Department of Rural Sociology and Extension

                                                       College of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology

                                                       Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike



                                                       Prof. F. N. Onummadu

                                                       Head of Department

                                                       Rural Sociology and Extension

                                                       College of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology

                                                       Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike



                                                       TLP Ukwen Okore

                                                       12 Seventh Day Adventist Church Road

                                                       World Bank Housing Estate, Umuahia

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