History – Agribusiness Management

History - Agribusiness Management

The programme Agribusiness and Management commenced in the 2003/2004 academic session following the consideration and approval of the report of Senate curriculum committee by senate on August 26, 2003. It was foremost mounted in the College of Agricultural Economics, Rural Sociology and Extension. In pursuit of establishing the programme on a solid foundation, the University Senate in 2004/2005 academic session created an autonomous College of Agribusiness and Financial Management (CABFM) in line with the provisions of the Universities of Agriculture (Miscellaneous provisions) Decree No.48 of 1992; section 3b, c, f and m. CABFM effectively commenced during the 2004/2005 academic session and the National University Commission (NUC) also has approved the programme following resource assessment verification on the 2nd to 8th December 2007. It is worthy of note  to state that  Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike is the first University in Nigeria to mount an undergraduate programme in Agribusiness and management in line with global trend and in response to the demands of the Agribusiness and related industry. Over the years, the programme has received visitations by various interest groups for both her undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. The reports have been positive to the glory of God.