Philosophy and Objectives – Agribusiness Management

Philosophy and Objectives - Agribusiness Management


The philosophy underlying the programme.Agribusiness combines the study of agriculture, business and management with the aim of producing students with understanding of the economic and business principles that underlie management and their applications to Agriculture and allied businesses.


The specific objectives of the program are:

  1. To provide appropriate knowledge and skills needed for intellectual development for research, work and entrepreneurship in agribusiness.
  2. To produce students with the skills to develop and establish viable commercial farms and agro- based cottage industries
  3. To develop and turn out agribusiness – oriented graduates in  the various field of agribusiness by making it imperative for each student to develop an agribusiness enterprise by his/her graduation date.
  4. Produce graduates who can process and analyze agribusiness investment policies, export    mechanism, management strategies and socio- economic problems with the purpose of providing solution to these problems.
  5. To equip students with the skills required to recognize and define agribusiness problem(s) and to take appropriate decisions using modern agribusiness and tools.
  6. Produce graduates who will profitably put their skillsinto operation by establishing and operating their own farms, hotels, food and related agribusiness enterprises.
  7. To train personnel apt in conducting research as well as teaching courses incidental to Agribusiness.
  8. To produce managers who are equipped with relevant ICT knowledge and skills in agribusiness and entrepreneurship.